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The impact of the (draft) EC Authorisation Decision on Downstream Users of Chromium Trioxide

Thu, 14 February 2019. 2:30PM-3:30PM (EEST)

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The impact of the (draft) EC Authorisation Decision on Downstream Users of Chromium Trioxide

14th of February 2019

Late in 2018, the European Commission published the draft decision(1) regarding the CTACSub (upstream) Authorisation Application for several uses of Chromium Trioxide. Although the decision is still draft, it gives a strong indication on what the final decision will look like in terms of review period lengths (4 years for some uses such as “functional chrome plating with decorative character”), the start of the review period and the use conditions.

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During the presentation, we will focus on the use conditions of this draft decision and what these mean in practice for the downstream users of Chromium Trioxide, including the timelines for complying with these conditions. Furthermore, we will look at the overall timeline of the CTACSub (upstream) Authorisation Application meaning the review periods per use and when these will start, and more importantly end, and what should be done by then in order to secure the future use of Chromium Trioxide.

Topics to be addressed:
1. Overview of the CTASub draft EC Decision
2. Use Conditions per use
3. Notifications to ECHA
4. Next decision-making steps for the CTASub application
5. What should be done by the end of the review period and why is this important for me?
6. Conclusions

Frederik Johanson, Partner and Sales Director
Juho Rinne, Authorisation Team Leader
Bernadette Quinn, Senior Authorisation Expert

Who should attend?

Companies downstream using Chromium trioxide under the CTACSub upstream Authorisation e.g. for chrome plating within the general industries but also within the aeronautics and aerospace industries.

*Please note that this event is not intended for consulting companies or REACH services providers
*Please note that phone charges may apply if you use the dial-in numbers

1)COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION of XXX granting an authorisation for certain uses of chromium trioxide under Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Lanxess Deutschland GmbH and others)” available at: