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How to work with an Authorized Representative under TR041 (“Eurasia REACH”)?

3 November, 2021. From 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EET

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How to work with an Authorized Representative under TR041 (“Eurasia REACH”)?

3rd of November 2021

A number of uncertainties related to the Eurasia REACH, such as 2nd tier legislation and Chemical Safety Passports’ GOST standards remaining as drafts, are affecting the decision on the official commencement date. Thus, it’s not yet clear when TR041 is entering into force. However, appointment of the Authorized Representative (“AR”) under Eurasia REACH is expected to be a more rigorous procedure due to the regulatory risks associated with such appointment.  ARs and the Represented companies will have to conclude an agreement specifying the AR responsibilities based on the EAEU regulatory requirements. Such agreement will be also presented to the authorities in case of inspection and during the registration process. Therefore, the AR agreement will be more comprehensive, including information on AR responsibility, than an Appointment Letter used in the EU REACH.

Take part in our online event:

In this webinar we will provide information on the following topics:

  • TR041 status and updates
  • Brief recap of the main requirements
  • AR role in the EAEU technical regulations
  • AR responsibilities in Russia
  • AR agreement: what should be included

REACHLaw speaker: Olesia Pochapska, Global Accounts and BD Director

Note that this webinar is not meant for REACH-like regulations service providers.