Eurasia chemical regulations webinar series: Eurasia REACH and GOST Standard No. 30333-2007

The commencement of the Eurasia REACH regulation ( TR041/2017) is expected to be postponed to the 30th  of November 2022 according to the latest Eurasian Commission draft decision published on the 29th of September. Despite the potential delay, both EAEU member states and the industry have a lot to do to prepare for the TR041 entry into force.

The Eurasian Economic Union members ( Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) as part of the implementation of Eurasia REACH regulation,  are finalizing their own national chemical inventories that are planned to be merged into one at a later stage. Russia -as one of the Eurasian Economic Union countries- started its inventory notification period on the 11th of November, 2019 which has ended on the  1st of August, 2020. During the notification period, on the 15th of June 2020, Minpromtorg Russia has published a transitional inventory of substances submitted and accepted to the Russian chemicals inventory under Eurasia REACH ( Since then, companies have had the possibility to check whether their substances are listed or not on the transitional Russian chemicals inventory.  Minpromtorg Russia is planning to publish its final national inventory of substances at a later stage during this/early next year.

 Eurasia REACH requires companies to submit registrations of their chemical products (substances or mixtures) to the designated competent authority. The information requirements will mostly depend on the EAEU inventory status of each specific substance contained in the chemical product. Now that the inventory notification period in Russia has ended, what are the actions that companies can undertake to start preparing their business to meet the registration requirements once Eurasia REACH comes into force? Additionally, Eurasia REACH requires companies to comply with GOST No. 30333-2007 before their chemical products are placed on the EAEU market.

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 With the aim to help companies understand both  the actions they need to take prior to and upon Eurasia REACH comes into force and the importance of becoming compliant with GOST Standard 30333-2007,   we are hosting following Q&A webinars during the Fall. We invite all companies placing chemical substances on the EAEU member states to sign-up to our webinars as follows:


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