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REACH Authorisation Services

We have obtained review periods of 12 years for our customers

REACH Authorisation Services

Authorisation is required for Substances of Very High Concern –SVHC- that are listed in the REACH Annex XIV or authorisation list. Companies dealing with Authorisation need to prove that the risks associated with the use of these substances are properly controlled or that the socio-economic benefits from their use outweigh their risks. Also, companies need to start thinking in substitution possibilities since one of the Authorisation aims is to replace those substances for suitable alternatives where these are technically and economically viable.

Substances included in the REACH Annex XIV cannot be placed on the market or used after the so called “sunset date”, unless an authorisation has been granted for a specific use, or the use has been exempted from authorisation.

Who can apply for Authorisation?

Manufacturers, importers and downstream users can apply and hold authorisations for their own uses or for uses down their supply chain. It is important to note that the rules regarding who can be the authorisation holder may have the potential to cause supply disruptions if there are missing links in the supply chain.

Authorisation is a new, time-consuming and highly complex process requiring strategic business thinking. A poorly prepared application runs the risk of not receiving an Authorisation or having a short review period. It also requires the support of a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of experienced experts.

Do you have SVHC substances that are not yet included in the REACH Annex XIV and don’t know what to do? Do you have SVHCs listed in the Authorisation list?

We assist you with a full set of services prior to and within the authorisation process. Our support varies from supporting our customers in the public consultations process prior REACH annex XIV inclusion, analysing the Risk Management Options (RMO), and defining the overall strategy and scope of authorisation to performing all the work needed to perform a full authorisation application.

REACHLaw has worked on several application for authorisation projects, obtaining review periods of 12 years for our customers. Examples of our authorisation work can be found here:

Our Support Includes

Authorisation Strategy
Authorisation Consortia
Full Authorisation Application
Chemical Safety Report (CSR)
Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) & Substitution Plan (SP)
Socio-Economic Analysis-SEA

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