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Our support with the Biocidal Products Regulation-BPR


Biocides are widely used in everyday life and it is important to ensure that they are produced efficiently and in compliance with the emerging regulatory standards. The new Biocidal Products Regulation-BPR- is posing new challenges for the whole biocides industry in the EU. REACHLaw is supporting the Biocides sector from defining the overall strategy, a roadmap towards BPR, to perform all the work needed to obtain the biocidal product authorisation.

Case Studies

CASE 1: Article 95 inclusion
Organisation nameBiocidal active substance manufacturer in EU
Services offeredInclusion of the company to ECHA’s Article 95 list

All biocidal active substance (AS) manufacturers supplying in EU are obliged to share the costs of AS evaluation according to the Biocidal Products Regulation. This is ensured by ECHA’s Article 95 list: the manufacturers have to be included on the list to be able to continue or start business in EU. To be able to apply for inclusion, a Letter of Access (LoA) to the existing dossier, or an own dossier, is needed.

Our solution

We provided information to the company on different options in this particular case for Article 95 inclusion. After their decision we negotiated a LoA to the AS dossier and prepared the application. The AS manufacturer was successfully included on the Article 95 list and it is able to continue supplying AS to the biocidal products industry.

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CASE 2: Roadmap for BPR compliance
Organisation nameBiocidal products manufacturer in EU
Services offeredScoping study on the Client’s products and advice how to proceed to fulfill BPR requirements regarding the products

Biocidal Products Regulation is a challenging regulation for SMEs. The biocides companies are obliged to apply for expensive authorisations for their products by a certain time which is dependent on the active substance evaluation process. For a company with limited human and financial resources it is difficult to keep up with the evolving interpretations and timelines of the Regulation. Companies need help with planning technical and financial feasibility strategies for their entire biocidal product portfolios.

Our solution

We have provided crucial information on the compliance needs of the products with different options to help the company to remodel their product portfolio. Possibilities for building product families and co-operating with other SMEs to reduce the costs have been studied. We also have kept track of the timetables for the product authorisations and have informed the company on the actions needed.

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