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At REACHLaw, we work closely with our clients to provide chemical regulatory compliance and product safety solutions to fit each customer and their needs. We help companies to gain market access for their chemical products and we support them with chemical regulations such as: “EU REACH & CLP”, “Turkey KKDIK, SEA & GBF”, “South Korea REACH & GHS”, “China REACH & GHS” and many more.

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Organizations’ needs on chemical regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability vary greatly depending on the company type, industry sector, the size of the organization, the main markets and the organizational capabilities. REACHLaw has developed a set of chemical regulatory compliance solutions to help businesses to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, spearheaded by REACH & GHS.

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The Blog

An online space dedicated to chemical regulatory compliance. The Blog not only offers you updates on what is going on with the different chemical regulations, it is also a meeting point where key stakeholders are sharing their thoughts towards chemical compliance issues and business in a global scale. In The Blog we have guest writers to make sure you get the breadth of topics and services we can offer.

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REACHLaw Webinar

Turkey REACH: KKDIK - Free webinar

Enforced from 23 December, 2017 the Turkish Regulation, KKDIK, will repeal and replace:
a) KEK, the Inventory & Control Chemicals Regulation, b) Regulation on Restrictions for the Manufacture, Marketing and Use of certain Dangerous Substances and Preparations and c) Regulation on Safety Data Sheets for Hazardous Substances and Mixtures, GBF.
26th of October 2017, 2:30PM-3:30PM

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Latest from the Blog

REACHLaw in Russia

We just visited one of our biggest customers in Russia to provide them with a yearly update on chemicals regulations development in the EU and globally. We strongly believe that meeting our customers in person strengthen our cooperation with them to a whole new level of effectiveness. Would you like to meet us to discuss on your chemical regulatory issues? Please...

Turkey KKDIK enforced from 23 December, 2017

On 23rd of June, 2017, the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban planning has issued the promised “Turkey REACH” Regulation that requires companies to register substances (on their own, in mixtures or in articles) manufactured in Turkey or imported into Turkey with volumes equal to or above 1 tone per year.  Turkey KKDIK is closely harmonized with the EU REACH provisions and...

The last REACH pre-registration deadline is TODAY!

From tomorrow, 1 June, 2017, all companies, without a valid REACH pre-registration number, aiming to commercializing chemicals substances in the EU, in quantities equal to or grater than 1 tonne/year, will need to REACH register their substances first,  before they are imported/manufactured/commercialized in EU. TODAY is your last chance to late pre-register your low volume chemicals (1-100t/yr)! Do not miss your chance to...